5 Must See Kayaking Locations in Northern California

Feel like spending time on the water with a kayak or canoe during summer? Then you are going to enjoy this list of our top 5 locations in Northern California for kayaking. Consider these beautiful locations when you are planning your next kayaking trip.

1. Englebright Reservoir

Situated at an elevation of 527 feet and located about 20 miles east of Yuba City, Englebright Reservoir is an excellent location for both canoeing and kayaking. This Reservoir is home to one hundred boat-in campsites at seventeen campground areas along the nine-mile long lake.  The area above Upper Boston is closed to water skiing, making it a perfect place to camp and paddle. What really makes this location shine is its access all year, twenty-four hours a day, with running lights at night. I recommend a nice boat-in camping and paddling under the stars here at Englebright Lake for an experience you will never forget.

2. Gold Lake

Located nine miles southwest of Graeagle, California, at an elevation of 6400 feet, Gold Lake is yet another excellent kayaking location with many amenities to offer. The area is home to over 20 small lakes with hiking trails connecting most of them and all dog-friendly. If you plan on going, right now is the best and busiest time to go because of the beautiful scenery and warm waters. After a scenic day of kayaking this beautiful lake, you can relax at one of the 37 camp sites located at the Gold Lake Campground.

3. Emerald Bay

For one of the best boat-in camping locations in California, look no further than Emerald Bay. Located on the southern side of Lake Tahoe, it boasted an incredible view of the Tahoe blue water, sandy beaches, and towering evergreens. To utilize one of the 22 boat-in campgrounds on the north side of Emerald Bay, I recommend first making a reservation as it has become a popular location for kayakers and boating alike.

4. Lake Almanor

Somewhat of a hidden gem, Lake Almanor is a very large lake boasting a 52-mile shoreline and over 300 campsites for relaxing.  Lake Almanor has made quite an impression on lake goers to the point where some visitors have referred to this tranquil lake as “New Lake Tahoe”. One of the most eye-catching features of Lake Almanor is Mount Lassen visible from the water as you kayak. While here feel free to utilize many amenities like pet sitting, free day use, grocery stores, and much more.

Northern California’s Cascade Range.

5. Lake Clementine

For warm water and sandy beaches, Lake Clementine is an excellent choice. Being part of the North Fork of the American River makes the water here safe and warm, perfect for a swim while kayaking. Lake Clementine offers campgrounds right along the shore, making camping here an excellent idea if you enjoy waking up to a beautiful lake. Take note that dogs, glass containers, and alcohol are not permitted on the water but pet sitting is offered so your pup can be safe and sound while you paddle this majestic lake.

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