The Newest Thing: Apple Cash?

Author – Hunter Royal – Select Group – Social Media Specialist

What Is Apple Pay Cash?

Apple Pay Cash is an expansion of Apple Pay, a digital payment service which stores your card/account information on your iPhone. This virtual debit card allows you to store money and pay for goods and services anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

Why should I use Apple Pay Cash?

Apple Pay Cash service is set up to be a person-to-person payment system. Apple Pay Cash allows friends and family to send money to one through iMessage.

How Do I Use Apple Pay Cash?

First, you need to set up your Apple Pay Cash card on iOS 11.2. You’ll need to link it to a debit or credit card and then transfer money onto your Apple Pay Cash card. Once it’s all set up, launch the Apple Pay Cash mini-app in iMessage or tell Siri to use Apple Pay Cash to pay or transfer funds. The recipient will accept the funds via text and your Apple Pay Cash balance will be deducted.