8 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new home is both an incredible experience and an incredibly hectic one.  What we have here is a list of 10 things you should do, not just when moving in, but to help you with your own home.

1. Clean Out The Dryer Lint

One of the first easy to over-look maintenance goals is clearing out the dryer lint.  This should be done every year, but many homeowners neglect this. Just taking some time out of your day to use a Linteater to clear out excess lint can prevent your dryer from working too hard, thus saving you money and preventing fires from lint build up.


2. Replace the Furnace Filter

There is a chance that the previous homeowner neglected to replace the furnace filter, so be sure to check these as replacing is not hard to do and will save you on heating and cooling bills. Clogged filters will cause your system to work much harder and push harmful dust and particulates throughout your home.


3. Clean Air Conditioner

If you take some time to service your air conditioner before the summer heat sets in, you will save money, time, and comfort.  Much of the servicing is fast, easy and can done without the help of a professional.  Be sure to clear away excess foliage within two feet of your unit, replace filters, vacuum the blower, and clean the drain.


4. Locate the Main Water Shutoff

Many homeowners fall into the unfortunate situation of a pipe or sink breaking and not knowing how to shut off the water to the house.  A very important task is to locate your main water shutoff valve before you need to use it to prevent major water damage within your home.


5. Locate the Electrical Panel

Just like with your main water shutoff valve, there may be an event where you need to reset your circuit breaker.  It is far less stressful during a power outage when you already know where your circuit breaker is.  Many times, your circuits will already be labeled with what they are attached to, but if they aren’t, then it is wise to find out and label.


6. Meet the Neighbors

Get to know who is around you so you can look out for each other. There are many benefits that come from communicating with those around you, such as sharing knowledge of the best maintenance companies in the area and which ones to avoid.  Having a good standing with your neighbors also carries with it the perk of being able to relax when on a long vacation knowing that those around your home can look over it while you’re gone.


7. Check Smoke Detectors

Checking if you and your family are safe in the event of a fire is quick, easy, and important. Making sure your smoke and CO detectors are working well should be a high priority when moving into a new home.  Be sure to locate and evaluate the condition of all detectors within your home to be sure if any need to be replaced before the event of a hazard.


8. Make a Homeowner’s Journal

A very over-looked task is keeping a record for your home.  Having an organized binder, folder, or drawer of insurance papers, repair receipts, and other paperwork related to your home can be handy not just for yourself, but also in the event that you sell the house in the future.

Keeping up on the tasks of home-ownership can be tedious and stressful, but I hope these quick tips help you with your current home or if you are planning on moving in the future.


source: www.msn.com