10 Easy Steps to Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

1. Shut off the power

2. Remove debris

Tip for Step 2
On the exterior condenser/compressor,
remove the fan cage. Using a screwdriver
or wrench, remove the fasteners and
lift the cage or fan grill away from the
top of the unit. By hand, or with a wet/dry
vacuum, clean leaves and other debris
from the interior.

3. Clean the fin

4. Straighten the fins

Tip for Step 4
Since any reduction in air-flow through
the fins can reduce efficiency, carefully
straighten bent fins using a butter knife
or commercially available fin-straightening
tool. be gentle so that the tubing embedded
within the fins it not damaged.

5. Clean area around the unit

6. Level the unit

7. Clean the evaporator coil

8. Clean a plugged evaporator drain

9. Change the blower filter

10. Turn the power back on


And Don’t Forget…
• Have a professional HVAC company inspect your unit
• Check refrigerant levels
• Check your thermostat


Information provided by Fidelity Home Warranty