Do I need a buyer’s agent if I am planning on purchasing a new construction home?


The answer is; YES, you do!

There are many reasons you need your own representation, the most important being that your agent will be representing you exclusively throughout and beyond the home buying process. Your agent is your ally and a mighty powerful one to have by your side. The builder’s onsite agent is there to sell homes and there fiduciary responsibility is to the builder; not you.

Your agent can and will negotiate with the builders agent for you. Often buyers are not aware that builders do negotiate. He/she can give you suggestions and advice on options, mortgages, inspections and any other issues that may arise.

Commissions are paid by the seller (builder) there is no expense to you to have exclusive representation.

Your agent survives on referrals not on volume sales and incentives that builder’s agents survive on; so he or she will work hard so you don’t have to throughout the entire new home construction process to ensure your satisfaction. Your agent is counting on referrals from you.

When you choose to work with an Exclusive Buyers agent you will have the confidence to know your interests are being represented 100% of the time.


Devone Tarabetz

Devone Tarabetz